Axon Gaming is committed to it’s family atmosphere and recognizing our members. Be it a major achievement, dedication, giving back, commitment, reliability, or just being a proud member, we wish to give them a moment in the spotlight.

This week we chose to talk with JBird, a long standing member of our family.

JBird joined Axon Gaming in March of 2014
Axon Gaming Member : Call of Duty Division

During his time with us he was proud to be a top contributor to leading Axon in its Diamond Division wins and the Battle Royale victory during Call of Duty: Ghosts. Axon had previously held a merger with Sin7 gaming, where J was once a manager in their community. Axon at this point had cleared away it’s dust with roughly only 20 active members, JBird was there helping recruitment to bring Axon back up to speed successfully. This is something J has said with pride and is very happy to have been there to help.

When asked what his favorite memory in Axon has been he replied laughingly

“When Heroikk made a Axon squad actually called “Selena Gomez” (During Diamond Div/Battle Royale). And when a Axon member actually came to my house, and is now one of my closest friends.

JBird can usually be found online squading up with the historic “Selena Gomez Squad” to this day.

His goals for Axons future? “To make sure Axon never dies, and that my son who is 8 now, will one day become one of Axon’s finest leaders (he’s already better than me). And to help get Axon known in the gaming community in every way possible.


What is it about Axon that you truly admire?

“No matter how much we have our differences, when we want something we accomplish it. And we can talk about our personal lives no matter what the issue is. People won’t bash you but are always real with you. Which is usually better advice you will get from anyone in the real world.”

“Axon has helped me become better at multiple games, and helped me find myself when I was lost. I love the people in this family and wear my Axon gear proudly every week. And as I discussed with a few people including Mossy, one of my dreams is to help start and run a hardcore division in Call of Duty for Axon Gaming. I Chose Axon because it is truly a second family and because Axon is the S**t, Duh!” –JBIRD 810