Destiny reset Tuesday weekly update

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    This is somthing that I will be doing every week to inform, discuss Destiny news, and share hints and tricks. The biggest news to drop as of late is that private matches are now available opening up many possibilities for players and axon as a whole. This has been long over due but better late than never. Another big new topic is that there’s new exotic 3 round burst pistol that got leaked into the game early and is obtainable right now by decrypting secondary (special) exotics engrams. From what I hear and have seen it is quite a beast but I havnt tried it out my myself. You should definitely read the patch notes bungie had real eased on the be patch if you havnt done so yet. There quite a few weapon balance changes so try some new weapons and see how you like them. It might result in you replacing your favorite weapon.

    Here are this weeks tips.
    #1 Save you exotic engrams if you are already 335 and have all exotics already because there will be a new cryptarch in the dlc coming the 20th and I think you’ll want to level her up quick to get a package with year 3 gear in it

    #2 Get all of your factions really close to leveling up so when the dlc drops you can easily get packages with legendary year 3 loot

    #3 save at least 50-100 stage coins for Xur to by his new exotics.

    #4 Any extra stored coins you have left over from saving 50-100 for Xur. Use them to buy as much heavy ammo synthesis that you can because they cost 1 strange coin for 3 heavy synthesis and for every 100 you buy, you can donate them to your faction (mines Dead Orbit) and get year 3 loot!! And this time when you level up your faction you get to choose whether you want weapons or armor.

    That’s it for now but there will be more updates and feel free to comment and share your thoughts on how to prepare for the be dlc

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