I’m proud to announce that this weeks Member Spotlight goes to a truly great person and player AxN Zepherous. My personal experiences gaming with Zeph have always been full of fun and laughs with a light relaxing mood. As you all know fun and enjoyment should be at the center of your gaming experience. He complements core clan components to a high degree. Ok enough of that mushy stuff, lets get into the interview.
“Ok Zeph, when did you join Axon?”
” I joined in November of CoD Ghosts”
“What brought you to Axon? What was your reason for joining?”
“Well my reason for joining Axon is Sire. He’s my best friend. We had a different clan going and we came to Axon after leaving that clan”
“Well thank you Sire for bringing him over to Axon. Well done. Zeph, what positions have you held within the Axon and what is your current position?”
“I have been a CoD recruiter and I am now 1 of 3 main recruiters for Axon. I always go play CoD whenever I’m needed to try out a player no matter what game I’m on”
“Wow, well I know that you are very aware of what it takes to be an Axon member and so could I ask you to be part of Destiny recruitment too? Put CoD first though”
“Yeah I don’t mind at all”
“Thank you Zeph. Now for your next question. I know there’s a lot but what’s a good memory that you have of playing with Axon?”
“Ok let me pick one. There are tons. One time some of us were playing CoD and clan hunting for trash talkers. We found some in Search and Destroy. They rage quit. We saw them again in domination over an hour later. We beat them like 200 to 35 or something like that. I also played clan wars right after surgery because we were short handed.”
“Nice bud. Sounds like fun. What games will you be playing in the future?”
I’ll be playing CoD Modern Warfare remastered, CoD IW, Destiny Rise Of Iron, Assassins Creed, and Skyrim”
“Excellent choices. My next question for you is, what’s your Social security number”
“Yah, no your not getting that”
Laughing about the previous question and his answer to it, I asked him “Do you have a favorite game to play at the moment and what’s your most anticipated game coming in the future?”
“My favorite game to play at the moment is Destiny. The game I’m most looking forward to is the new Gears of War.”
“If I (Hellspawn) told you that I’m a furry, what would your response be?”
“I’ve already known that for a long time”
“Ok you busted me LOL. In closing I would like to thank you on behalf of Axon for your recent hard work and your part in making Axon the family it is today. That being said I have to ask you the most important¬† question of all. When you bleed what color is it?”
“Purple. Just kidding Its GREEN!
“Damn right it is!! Thanks again Zeph. This was a pleasure”
“You’re welcome” 1913755_311431600001_2449895_n